2015 Commission Report

Grande Oriente Paulista in Brazil
Historically, there have been two recognized systems of Masonry in Brazil. One system consists of the Grand Orient of Brazil, and the other system consists of the individual state Grand Lodges in Brazil. However, there is a new third system operating in Brazil consisting of independent state Grand Orients. They are not recognized by the Grand Orient of Brazil or by the individual state Grand Lodges in Brazil. At this time, the Commission has no evidence that the independent state Grand Orients meet the standards for recognition. It may be that in the future, an agreement of mutual recognition among the several Grand Lodges in Brazil will resolve many of the questions concerning recognition in that country.

United Grand Lodges of Serbia
The United Grand Lodges of Serbia (UGLS) contacted the Commission in a timely manner and requested to make a presentation before the Commission in Vancouver. However, on February 11 an email was received by the Commission stating that the UGLS representatives would not be attending the conference in Vancouver. The Regular Grand Lodge of Serbia, headed by Grand Master Ranko Vujacic, is still considered to be the legitimate extension of regular Masonry in that country.

Grand Lodge of Egypt
A representative of the Grand Lodge of Egypt contacted the Commission to inquire about the process of making a presentation to the Commission. This information was provided but nothing further has been received from Egypt

It has been noted that Freemasonry in Bulgaria is progressing toward unification, possibly as early as June 2015. The Commission extends it best wishes to those working on behalf of Freemasonry in Bulgaria.

Additional Information

The following is provided as information for those who are interested.

The Conference of Grand Masters Prince Hall Masons, Inc. maintains a list of its Grand Lodges at: conferenceofgrandmasterspha.org. Click the link entitled Grand Jurisdiction Links to view this list.

IMPORTANT: Out of respect to our sister Grand Lodges, be advised that several of our member Grand Lodges do not recognize Prince Hall Masonry in their Grand Jurisdictions.

A great many Grand Lodges continue to appear in North America each year which do not meet the standards for recognition. Further, most of these Grand Lodges make no effort to achieve regularity or even establish a relationship with the regular Grand Lodges into whose jurisdiction they have inserted themselves. The Commission urges great vigilance in establishing relationships with new Grand Lodges that do not exist in the List of Lodges-Masonic, published by Pantagraph, in Bloomington, Ill.

REMINDER: The deadline for reports filed with the Commission is December 1. We will not accept any new material for consideration after this date.

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