2014 Commission Report

Quintana Roo
The Commission relies heavily on the Confederation of Regular Grand Lodges of Mexico which provides a list of regular Grand Lodges in that country and that list of regular Grand Lodges does not include the "Sovereign Grand Lodge of Quintana Roo".

Valle De Mexico
As a result of several inquiries concerning the Grand Lodge Valle De Mexico, the Commission finds that the Valle De Mexico does not meet the standards for recognition.  Over the last decade, it has been reported that they have invaded the territory of a number of neighboring grand lodges.  They are not recognized by any regular Grand Lodges in Mexico or Latin America.

Grand Orient of Haiti - 1824
Several inquiries were received concerning the regular Grand Orient of Haiti - 1824.  Based upon the most recent correspondence received from multiple sources, the Commission believes the Grand Orient of Haiti constituted in 1824, whose current Grand Master is M. W. Yves Benoit Jean Marie and Grand Secretary is Bro. Smith Barthelus, is the regular Grand Lodge in Haiti.  The address is 202, Rue du Magasin de L'Etat, Haiti.  At this point the Commission cannot provide any additional information.

Grand Lodges in North America have received letters from the Grand Lodge of Cuba, regarding a new Grand Lodge in Florida which is supposed to be named "United Grand Lodge of Cubans in the Exterior".  The letter requests support for this new Grand Lodge.  The Commission would advise that the decision to share jurisdictions with the Grand Lodge of Florida is a decision which must be made by the Grand Lodge of Florida.

Historically, there have been two recognized systems of Masonry in Brazil.  One system consists of the Grand Orient of Brazil, and the other system consists of the individual state Grand Lodges in Brazil.  However, there is a new third system operating in Brazil consisting of independent state Grand Orients.  They are not recognized by the Grand Orient of Brazil or by the individual state Grand Lodges in Brazil.  At this time, the Commission has no evidence that the independent state Grand Orients meet the standards for recognition.

Over the last six years, the Commission has continued to study the split in the Grand Lodge of Paraguay that resulted in the two Grand Lodges.  The information the Commission has gathered leads it to the conclusion that the Grand Lodge Symbolic whose Grand Master is M/W Bro Euclides, is the only Grand Lodge in Paraguay that meets the standards for recognition.

The situation in Bulgaria has become more complex.  A third Grand Lodge known as the Grand Lodge of Bulgaria, was created around the year 2011.  It appears to have been consecrated by the unrecognized Grand Lodge of France.  This third Grand Lodge has subsequently split into two Grand Lodges.  The Commission received a letter dated December 20, 2013 from the Grand Lodge AF & AM of Bulgaria proposing an agreement between the Grand Lodge AF & AM of Bulgaria, Dr. Valeri Mitkov Grand Master, the United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria, Dr. Ivan Sariev Grand Master, and the Grand Lodge of Bulgaria, Dr. Slaveyke Gospodinov Grand Master.  The Commission will watch with interest the outcome of this agreement and report the outcome at the 2015 Conference.

It appears that the administrative problems within the Grande Loge Nationale Française (GLNF) have been resolved.  Other constitutional changes will be voted on in April of 2014.  In the 2012 report of the Commission, it stated that a "reasonable course of action to consider is to suspend fraternal relations with the GLNF."  Based on the resolution of the administrative problems, member Grand Lodges may desire to reconsider that suspension.  The Commission would also extend its thanks to the five central European Grand Lodges (Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Belgium) for their efforts to help resolve the issues in France.

Additional Information

A great many /"Grand Lodges"/ continue to appear in North America each year which do not meet the standards for recognition.  Further, most of these Grand Lodges make no effort to achieve regularity or even establish a relationship with the regular Grand Lodges into whose jurisdiction they have inserted themselves.  The Commission urges great vigilance in establishing relationships with new Grand Lodges that do not exist in the List of Lodges - Masonic, published by Pantagraph, in Bloomington, Ill..

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