About the Commission

The Commission on Information for Recognition was organized in 1951 as a facility to gather, collate, and from time to time, revise information on Grand Lodges in other lands, as a service to the Grand Lodges of this Conference.

The Commission neither advises nor recommends that recognition be given to any Grand Lodges, but merely indicates whether or not it considers that a Grand Lodge in question satisfies the conditions of regularity.

Until 2003, the Commission had consisted of six members selected from a wide geographical distribution. One new member, usually a Deputy Grand Master, was selected each year and served for six years. In 2003, the Conference of Grand Masters expanded the Commission to seven members, with each to serve a term of seven years. This will eventually assure that each of the seven Regional Masonic Conferences will be represented on the Commission.

After each Annual Meeting of the Conference of Grand Masters, the report, given to and adopted by the Conference, is printed and copies mailed to the Grand Secretaries and to the Chairmen of the Committees on Fraternal Relations of the Grand Lodges of the Conference. Copies are mailed to many interested Grand Lodges who are not members of the Conference. This report is based upon the most recent information available, and, in some cases, after a presentation by representatives of the Grand Lodges mentioned in the report.

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The Commission on Information for Recognition
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